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The Rental and Utilities assistance is designed to be a short-term, needs-based intervention to prevent homelessness.  As such, individuals must meet the following additional criteria in order to receive assistance:

Client must be currently housed. Homeless individuals are not eligible for this assistance.  Assistance is provided to help homeowners and renters remain in their current place of residence.

• Client must be able to document that he/she has a legal right to occupy the premises or has responsibility for the utility payment.  

• Client must demonstrate he/she does not have the resources to meet rent, mortgage, or or utility payments, and in the absence of this assistance, would be at risk of homelessness.

• Client must be current with the agency’s paperwork. 

Reassessment is required every 6 months.

• Client CANNOT be receiving any other government housing assistance (Sec. 8, Housing Authorities, Tenant-Based program, VOA housing, etc.)

Eligible Expenses

• Rent and Mortgage Assistance

    - Must be reasonable and represent actual housing costs.

    - The amount of assistance provided is not limited to Fair Market Rents or “reasonable rent”.

• Utility Assistance

Note:  This agency may establish caps (limits) for rent, mortgage, or utility assistance.  Requesting help does not guarantee assistance.

Ineligible Expenses

• Security Deposits and First Month’s Rent

    -  Assistance is designed to help homeowners and renters stay in their current place of residence; as a  result, security deposits and first month’s rent are not eligible costs under this program.  However, such costs may be eligible as costs under the supportive services activity.

• Moving Assistance

• Household Supplies and Furnishings

• Automobile Expenses

• Telephone Expenses

    - Telephone expenses are not payable as a utility expense under this assistance.  

• Bills with cut off notice or reconnection fees.

• NOTE: Deadline for ASSISTANCE requests is now FRIDAYS, 12pm (noon). 

Please remember that ALL REQUESTS TAKE 5 - 7 DAYS TO BE PAID. 

 Do Not wait until your “cut-of” or eviction date to request assistance.


Phone:  337.439.5861

Email: slac@slac.org

Website: www.slac.org


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