SLAC offers assistance to clients for housing via different programs,

Funding allows SLAC to assist clients with various housing issues, with different programs. HUD makes grants to local communities, States, and nonprofit organizations for projects that benefit low-income persons living with HIV/AIDS and their families. The goal of the program is to provide a stable living environment for households who are experiencing a financial crisis as a result of issues arising from their HIV/AIDS condition. 

Short Term Rental, Mortgage, and Utilities

Clients may be eligible for occasional assistance with utilities or other housing assistance.  Short Term Rental, Mortgage, and Utilities is intended as short-term solutions, not on-going support.  When applying, a client should work with their case manager or the Housing Coordinator on housing plans that include working towards self-sufficiency and future independence.

NOTE: All assistance requests and paperwork MUST be submitted by 12pm on Tuesday of each week.  
Procedure for requesting assistance.

Funding is EXTREMELY limited this year.  A larger than usual number of requests and decreased funds means that we may NOT be able to pay total rent or utility requests.  Our assistance services are for EMERGENCIES ONLY and you must be able to demonstrate to your case manager what has caused this month’s emergency and how you will pay next month.   

PLEASE NOTE: ALL REQUEST NORMALLY TAKE 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS TO BE PAID. Please do not wait until your “cut off” or eviction date to request assistance.

Tenant-Based Rental Assistance

This is a  SLAC-based housing program (as opposed to Housing Authority-based). SLAC has a limited number of housing vouchers under this program.  Inquire with the Housing Coordinator regarding availability.  Currently, there are no openings in this program.

Housing Authority Programs

Shelter + Care

In cooperation with local Housing Authorities, SLAC assists HIV positive individuals and their immediate families get into affordable housing.  The SLAC Housing Director works as the advocate for the client when applying for local Shelter Plus Care programs.  
Currently, this program is NOT accepting applications.

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