Medicaid “Expansion” Open Enrollment

Medicaid expansion took effect June 1st, 2016.  
If your income is at or below 138% ($1364/month for one person) of the federal povery guidelines and you have NO Medicare or employer-provided health insurance, you may be eligible for Medicaid coverage.  You can apply at Moss-Memorial Health Clinics, SWLA Center for Health Services, or at the SLAC office. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Moss Memorial Health Clinics and Lake Charles Memorial Hospital will NOT accept Aetna Better Medicad for payment.  LCMH and Moss are accepting all other Louisiana Medicaid plans.


Click HERE to find out how Medicaid expansion may affect your LaHAP coverage from the LaHAP website.

REMINDER:  LaHAP plans for persons without health insurance (formerly known as ADAPwill END on September 30, 2016.  If you have not signed up for Medicaid by September 15, you risk NOT being able to pick up medications in October. 
LaHAP premium and copayment coverage for persons eligible for Louisiana Medicaid 
will end on December 31, 2016.  If you currently have insurance that is paid through LaHAP, please sign up for Louisiana Medicaid by December 10 to avoid loss of coverage.  (Exceptions will be made for those not eligible for Medicaid).

General Eligibility for Medicaid:
• At or below 138% federal poverty guideline ($316/week for a single person; $645/week for a family of four.)
• Aged 19 to 64 years old
• Not on Medicare or Employer-based insurance
• Meets citizenship requirement

Enrollment assistance is available at the following locations (make sure to call for days and times):

ALLEN Parish:

Allen Parish Council on Aging: 602 E. Fifth Ave. OAKDALE - 318-335-3195
Allen Parish Behavioral Health Clinic: 402 Industrial Drive, OBERLIN - 337-639-3001
Allen Parish Hospital: 108 Sixth Ave, KINDER - 337-738-2527


Beauregard Parish Health Unit: 216 Evangeline St. DERIDDER - 337-463-4486
Beauregard-Vernon Crisis Pregnancy Center: 420 McMahon, DERIDDER - 337-460-9500


Calscasieu Parish Health Unit: 3216 Kirkman St., LAKE CHARLES - 337-478-6020
Calscasieu Council on Aging: 3950 Highway 14, LAKE CHARLES - 337-474-2583
Christus-St. Patrick Hospital: 524 Dr. Michael DeBakey Dr. - LAKE CHARLES  - 337-491-7796
Lake Area Medical Center: 4200 Nelson Rd. - LAKE CHARLES - 337-474-6370
Lake Charles Behavioral Health: 4105 Kirkman St. - LAKE CHARLES - 337-475-8022
Lake Charles Memorial Hospital business office: 3050 Aster St. - LAKE CHARLES - 337-494-3123
SWLA Center for Health Services: 2000 Opelousas St. - LAKE CHARLES - 337-439-9983
• Southwest Louisiana AHEC: 196 WIlliamsburg St. - LAKE CHARLES - 337-478-4822

Mossville Truth Tabernacle Pentecostal Church: 4315 E. Burton St. - SULPHUR - 337-721-8100
West Calacsieu-Cameron Hospital: 701 East Cypress St. - SULPHUR - 337-527-7034
West Calacsieu-Cameron Hospital satellite office: 1200 Stelly Drive - SULPHUR - 337-528-4714


Jeff Davis Parish Health Unit: 403 Baker St. - JENNINGS - 337-824-8784
• Jennings American Legion Hospital: 1634 ELton Road - JENNINGS - 337-824-7000

If Medicaid is your primary insurance (not Medicare or Private Insurance), SLAC’s taxi service is “money of last resort”. This means that if any other form of transportation is available to you, you MUST use that source of transportation, not rely on the taxi service.

ALL Medicaid plans have a transportation program.  The number to contact your plan’s transportation service is printed on the back of your Medicaid card.  

You must call a minimum of 2-3 days in advance of your appointment in to set up your transportation.  
(Louisiana Health Care Conncestions also has a program for urgent care appointments.)

Southwest Louisiana AIDS Council                   425 Kingsley St. Lake Charles, LA 70601             337.439.5861