Client Services

Through three interrelated locations in Lake Charles, the Southwest Louisiana AIDS Council offers a variety of services to qualifying individuals in need of personalized care.  These three branches of SLAC are: the SLAC main office, the Resource & Wellness Center (RWC), and the Comprehensive Care Clinic (CCC), located on the Moss Memorial Health Clinic campus.

Services at the 
SLAC office include:

Stay Connected

Contact your Case Manager if you have any questions.

Note: In order to stay in care with SLAC, a client must reassess every six (6) months. 

Phone:  337.439.5861

     • Non-Medical Case Management

     • Louisiana Health Access Program (LaHAP)     

     • Medical Transportation

     • Mental Health & Substance Use Counseling  

     • Oral Health & Eye Care 

     • Food Pantry (Tuesdays - Thursdays: 11am - 4pm)             
                        - Fresh produce and bread arrives weekly.

     • Free HIV Testing

The SLAC office is now located at 425 Kingsely St. in Lake Charles.   Please contact us at 337.439.5861.


In order to qualify for services through SLAC, an individual must be diagnosed HIV positive, live in the State of Louisiana,  and meet federal income requirements.

Through our Comprehensive Care Clinic at the Moss Memorial Health Center, the following services are also available:

     • Primary Medical and HIV Care

Comprehensive Care Clinic

Hours of Operation:  8am - 4pm
                                  Monday - Friday

Phone: 337.480.8153
Fax:      337.480.8064


     • Gynecology Care

     • Medical Case Management

     • Intensive/High Risk Medical Case Management

     • Treatment Adherence Counseling

     • Pharmacy Assistance

     • Psychiatric and Mental Health Out-Patient Treatment

     • Substance Use Counseling and Out-Patient Treatment

The Comprehensive Care Clinic
is located at 1000 Walters St. in Lake Charles.
Please contact us at 337.480.8153.

SLAC and the CCC employ the Health Systems Navigation (HSN), a model of care that treats the patients at all levels, meeting they client where they are in life, and linking them to medical care.  HSN helps with the removal of socioeconomical obstacles that clients face in accessing treatment or social services, including the stigma still attached with a positive diagnosis.  Please visit the Resource and Wellness Center (RWC) for more information.

Resource & Wellness Center

Hours of Operation:  8am - 4pm
                                  Monday - Friday

Phone: 337.480.8282
Fax:      337.480.8329

The Resource & Wellness Center

is located at 808 Walters St. in Lake Charles.  
Please contact us at 337.480.8282.


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