You may qualify for additional financial assistance with your medical costs.

Come in and speak with your Case Manager at SLAC or at the Comprehensive Care Clinic at W.O. Moss Memorial for more information about Financial Assistance and to apply (if you qualify).  The application takes about 10 minutes and requires the same paperwork and identification used for regular SLAC reassessments or LaHAP applications.

This Financial Assistance is apart from clients’ regular insurance and LaHAP assistance and as a secondary source of coverage, it can supplement these.  It is available to eligible patients who cannot afford to pay for their healthcare services.  Whether you have insurance/Medicare and/or LaHap/LDAP, it is highly recommended that clients applly for Financial Assistance.

The Financial Assistance policy can be obtained by visiting the following website: or clients can call the screeners at 337.480.8218.  Eligibilty is determined by family income, size, and other factors.

Applications can be picked up at the SLAC office, the R&WC or at the CCC.  Applications and documentation must be turned into the Screening Department at W.O. Moss Memorial.

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